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Лесбизм и Близость.

Лесбизм и Близость.

female kissing

"Мои родители совершили ошибку, отправляя меня в Женский Средний Колледж, думая, что вся женская школа будет считать, что я "сексуально озабоченная" девушка, скажем так".…

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What To Do When Sex is Making Your Partner Leave You.

 What To Do When Sex is Making Your Partner Leave You.


“ANALYZE THIS”.   – The Movie
Starring: Robert De Niro as ‘Paul Vitti, Mob Boss.'
                Billy Crystal    as  
Dr Ben Sobel, Psychiatrist.’
                Lisa Kudrow    as Laura Sobel

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Sex After Surgery.


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‘Sex After Surgery’

sex after surgery

Is it banned?
Will it hurt?
Isn’t it dangerous?
Isn’t it just plain evil?
Well, the answer to all those questions is mostly NO.
Communication, however, is the major key. 

Talking about the possibilities and making info…

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Love Physical

sexual relationships It’s so sexual when I look at photos of erotica

Showing bodies no matter what gender

Seeing as if live, on air, a person or two entwined

Linked into each other through a sex that is strong

Each partner coming together…..coming, coming, comes

A male looking physically like an…

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