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Секс после Операции

Секс после Операции

sex after surgery

Это запрещено?

Будет больно?

Разве это не опасно?

Разве это не просто зло?

Конечно же, ответ на все эти вопросы в основном НЕТ.

Общение, между…

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Помощь физически неполноценным в наслаждении сексом



Вот простое вводное руководство, которое поможет вам с чего начать.

Если у вас есть друг или родственник или клиент, который привязан к инвалидному креслу и достаточно интеллектуально созревший, чтобы принять решение самостоятельно…

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Aider un adulte handicapé physique à profiter du sexe.

disabled sex


Voici un guide d'introduction simple pour vous aider à démarrer.

Si vous avez un ami ou un parent ou un client en  fauteuil roulant et est intellectuellement assez mature pour prendre la décision par eux-mêmes, alors  cet article est pour vous.

Les articles sur les adultes ayan…

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Assisting a Physically Disabled Adult to enjoy Sex


Here is a simple introductory guide to help you get started.

If you have a friend or relative or client who is bound to a wheelchair and is intellectually mature enough to make the decision themselves, then this article is for you.

Articles on intellectually challenged adults and decis…

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Fetishes, Right or Wrong?

I play at Erotica. I do not just talk about what you read in a book, I breathe it, I feel it in my bones,  know it when I think, and I know it intimately, erotica is a way of life, and it lives in me.

male fetish
I have met Men who look at me, and I know…..I know if they are sexually motivated. I know…

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Introduction to Discovering Sex in the Fifties

girl sun flower

This is a real story. Things were very different then.
When I was a little girl, and we got bored after playing every other game imaginable during those long hot summer days or cold, dreary long winter days, we would play games where we explored each 
other’s bodies.

toilet roll
I can remember l…

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Sex After Surgery.


Audio Version (Click Here).

‘Sex After Surgery’

sex after surgery

Is it banned?
Will it hurt?
Isn’t it dangerous?
Isn’t it just plain evil?
Well, the answer to all those questions is mostly NO.
Communication, however, is the major key. 

Talking about the possibilities and making info…

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'Communication' Part 1.

Okay, what are we saying when the word ‘Communication’ is presented?

communicationn partner

On exploration of the dictionary, such explanations as:  

Message (Noun), Communique. Making an Announcement, or Statement. Write or receive a Letter, Email, and Fax or make or receive a Phone Call. These explan…

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Sex and Palliative Care.

 How she can have great sex with her dying male partner.?

By Amy Clarke

Bucket List

Your partner only has a short while left to live.

What kind of Bucket list, if he has made one, what would be listed on it?

He may just want some great sex!.

If it would include having a fantastic time, en…

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