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Лесбизм и Близость. (PART TWO).

Лесбизм и Близость.


Спасибо вам, Трейси, за ваши добрые слова и воспоминания о том, что мои предыдущие события пробудили в вас, так как я вполне уверена, что моя история происходит с другими людьми.…

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Lesbianism and Intimacy (PART TWO).

Thank you, Tracey, for your kind words and the memories that my earlier experiences

evoked within you, as I am pretty sure that my story did with others.

Therefore, I am recollecting my Experiences.


PUBESCENCES,  the eternal yearning; the angst.  Those untimely feelings of actively …

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Rapport (Communication) Part 2.

So you are back!


What have we learnt thus far about ‘COMMUNICATION’?

On the whole not much, but at the same time, quite a bit. So, we will continue to have a further look at these ‘SENSES.'  Having briefly already looked at, and how ‘SIGHT.' and ‘TOUCH.', make this picture a…

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