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Часть первая: От Девушки к Женщине, Мальчика к Мужчине – "ПОЛОВАЯ ЗРЕЛОСТЬ".


Мы, как представители человечества, проходим путь через несколько этапов или шагов, от детства к естественному взрослению. Для большинства людей, существует 4 или 5 стадий взросления обусловленные "изучением" происходящих вещей.…

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Part One(A): From a Girl to a Woman, Boys to Men – ‘PUBERTY.’


We, as humans travel through several stages or steps on the road from childhood to mature adults. For most people, there are four or 5 stages of growth that certain ‘learning’ things happen.

In general, the writer will be referring to children's’ phases into adulthood in Developed Nat…

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Erotica Blog on Sexual Health - Puberty.

Welcome to Erotica’s Blog: Sexual Health



“Phases of Life from Birth to Death, Sexuality and Sexual Health”

Each one of us has had a beginning, some of us are at midlife while others are nearing the end. None of us has an indefinite lifetime, but we all experience similar s…

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Circumcision “ Right or Bad”?


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“ Right or Bad”? 

By our Contributor John

The world today demands that human rights of a child just born can have the selection to be circumcised or not. We, as a modern society, say that a clear idea of parents is to elect to do the…

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Love Physical

sexual relationships It’s so sexual when I look at photos of erotica

Showing bodies no matter what gender

Seeing as if live, on air, a person or two entwined

Linked into each other through a sex that is strong

Each partner coming together…..coming, coming, comes

A male looking physically like an…

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