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So, can a Quadriplegic have sex?

I am a Call Girl.

Last week I got a call from this guy who sounded like he wanted to see me pretty pronto.

So I get around there, and he says to let myself in, which I do.

I see him in this room, but he is lying on this unique bed with all sorts of medical equipment all around. There was also telephones and computers and things which are I guess how he found me and how he paid me.

I asked him what was going on, and he said he was a quadriplegic which meant I think that he could not move his arms or his legs.

I said; Well, what do you want me to do about it?

Moreover, he said; Well, I want to know all about sex.

Well that was right up my alley so I did set about to tell him and show him all about sex.

I stripped off slowly, and I showed him all the sexy parts of my body.

My body parts all have a history. Like take my Clit, for example, I can tell you the first time it got touched, played with, sucked, licked and pulled.

I told him my stories as I went.

Seeing as he was always going to be lying down flat, I had a bit of an advantage in that I could show him everything up close and personal.

When it came to tit showing time, I told him that he might just want a lick and a suck. He licked just a little at first, but soon he was an old pro sucking away at me until I practically cum just like that.

He said he loved my perfume and the feel of my hair on his face. He said his face felt warmer and lovelier than it felt ever felt before and that he was jubilant sucking me.

I knew that he was ready for more.

I told him all the names I knew about all the parts of my body and then I started on his. He laughed at some of the funny names for penis and wanted me to tell him more.

I asked him if he wanted me to go now but he said: No.

He wanted more.

So I jumped my naked body up onto his big adjustable, mechanicalised bed and slid my whole body up and down his face and neck.

I am getting very excited at this point, and he was breathing as heavy as me.

I couldn’t help myself.

I just had to sit on his face. …… Not literally!.. but close.

I showed him how to lick me like when it was the first time for me.

He wanted more. So I showed him where the entrance to my pussy was and without asking he put his tongue way up there and sent me to my Maker!

I had big Cum there and then. He started groaning with pleasure. As far as I was concerned, we came together!

It was really something!

So in answer to your question: Is a Quadriplegic able to have sex?

No worries!! YES! Moreover, want it again and again!



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YES! Quadriplegia is a DISABILITY, one of different forms only, and you might note that in this particular story evokes all of what I have written about with regards to 'Communication' and how this evolves into RAPPORT.
Quadriplegics do not lose the ability to utilise theirs five SENSES. In fact, some of these Senses are heightened as compensation for the loss of others! To NOT lose Touch, especially about the face - he may not be able to touch her, BUT he has retained the sense of been Touched! To See is to be able wholeheartedly to view this Call girl and all her beauty. His brain has allowed him to draw mental images or fantasies surrounding sex. To be kissed and kiss back intertwined tongues and as our Call girl describes it, he was able to experience a female having an orgasm by actively using Cunnilingus (oral sex performed by a male on a female). I wonder whether she used her mouth and tongue to give him an opportunity to experience Fellatio (oral sex licking and sucking the Penis). Words that evoke the imagination are powerful!



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