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Sex After Surgery.


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‘Sex After Surgery’

sex after surgery

Is it banned?
Will it hurt?
Isn’t it dangerous?
Isn’t it just plain evil?
Well, the answer to all those questions is mostly NO.
Communication, however, is the major key. 

Talking about the possibilities and making informed decisions is, of course, the right way to go about
When I came out of Major Cancer Surgery and lay awake in Intensive Care recently, the first thing
that I realised was how lucky I was to be alive.
Discomfort Is to be expected but, Wow! I was alive!
The pain filtered through my thoughts and persisted through some of the strong medications but I
chose to make every movement that I could manage, a blessed challenge.
I reached for my music and placed the earphones on and when I randomly pressed play heard the
song “Sexual Healing” Marvin Gaye as the first piece that came up in the mix.
Not able to do much else, I started to move my hips to the music in bed, could feel my nipples
getting hard and lo and behold, here I was feeling surprisingly, thankfully, randomly and
wholesomely very randy!
It was a great feeling, hard to hide from the male nurses who attended to me, but remained
persistently there and would not go away.
My partner came to see me hours later and when the nurses were not looking, fondled my breasts
until they were pointed up to the heavens, hard as anything and yearning for more.
When we had a moment of privacy, he sucked on them under the sheets. I wanted to giggle like a
schoolgirl doing something naughty behind the teachers’ back. I was almost too sensitive to my
condition, ready to have an orgasm just with that titillation of my breasts alone.
Post my partner’s departure; I was able to get out of bed and again with headphones made some
very minor sexy moves to the music of Michael Buble to the amusement of staff who of course
thought I was a bit of a rarity.
I was out of Intensive Care in two days, dancing in the ward by the third day.
My partner came and tickled my clitoris very gently under the bedclothes even though I was in a
ward with three other people. It just felt naughty and beautiful, and all I wanted to do was get home
quickly so that we could do more even as sore as I was.
On day 5 when I went home, my beautiful partner kissed my sick and ugly body all over. Kissed my
bandages and told me I was beautiful.
On the second night, his tongue ventured down to my clitoris, and he licked me like I was a newborn
kitten. I felt self-conscious and ugly, but when he told me I was the most beautiful thing in the world,
I believed him, and I came.
Each night he massaged me with rich body oils in a soft glowing light.
Every day through my convalescence he performed cunnilingus on me for extended periods of time.
I had many very quick orgasms as I am so very sensitive.
I recouped in record time, feeling so well, having a terrific appetite after so many orgasms.
My medications began decreasing so rapidly that Doctors were amazed at the tiny amount of pain
killing and other meds that I required.
A record-making recovery! One for the books was what I would put down to the sexual healing. That
high powered “sexual healing” that I put myself through in my head.
I felt beautiful. My partner helped me believe it.
The pleasure that my body enjoyed as a result of the beautiful glow that I was able to enjoy each day
assisted me in all aspects of healing with stitches out in record time and return to normal activities in
no time.
If you care for someone, take note. Try this.
If you are unwell, encourage your lover to assist you in this beautiful, loving, sexual healing way.
Don’t keep it a secret. It works.

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