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Introduction to Discovering Sex in the Fifties

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This is a real story. Things were very different then.
When I was a little girl, and we got bored after playing every other game imaginable during those long hot summer days or cold, dreary long winter days, we would play games where we explored each 
other’s bodies.

toilet roll
I can remember locking myself in the outside toilet with another girl Gail whose idea it was. We must have been about seven years old.
She told me that my vagina was also called a “Toosy” and that touching it all kinds of ways would feel good. We got matchsticks, and she wanted to stick it into my vulva which hurt a bit, but I just kept letting her do things, excited by the fact that it was forbidden, and we were getting away with something.

I later discovered the glorious feeling that I could get when she put her finger inside my vagina and the way she felt when I did it to her.
This, apart from playing out the whole story of A Midsummer Night’s Dream in the back yard, was my second favourite game, and I started to want to play it with every new person I met.

I went to a sleepover, and my friend Sally invited me to play Doctor and Nurses with her. We raided the family bathroom closet and found a multitude of things to play with and found and discovered together how many wonderful ways we could do to “get off.” We must have been eight years old.

Doctors and Nurses
I remember having my whole genital area covered in Vaseline and her sticking fingers and the end of a toothbrush inside both holes and me squealing with delight. I had to cover my face with a pillow in case her Mum or Dad came in. I tried the same on her, but she preferred to be the DOER.

Back on my street, my next door friends and I used to play in all the back yards on our street. Three backyards belonged to retirees. We were attracted by their swings and slides to play in their gardens. I can remember falling off the end of a see-saw. I was not wearing knickers and the wood of the see-saw scratched my whole vaginal area. It was bleeding a little like a grazed knee would be.

The Grandad picked me up in his arms and took me inside onto his bed. He opened my legs and while I was crying licked all the places where I was sore until I stopped crying. Then he went away for a moment, brought me a clean face washer and proceeded to clean and dress my wounds. I will never forget the unbelievable feeling of pleasure I had experienced that day.

Not long afterwards I got clues that perhaps all the other granddads in the street did all those sexy things as well.

While wrestling in the back yard with Gail and another old guy, I watched Gail climb astride him, and wink at me. She pointed to where his dickie was and said HARD. I noticed a big bulge in his pants so I went and sat on it after her. We were all giggling and laughing our heads off. He was bouncing me as he lay on the ground and I sat spread eagled on his dick. It continued to be hard as I discovered the power I could have over guys.

A week or so later and still on a quest to find all there was and still only eight years old. I was playing at yet another old man’s house. He and I were playing cards on his couch. I pulled down my panties and told him they made me too hot. He bent down and kissed my pussy there and then. He was quite old, and he trembled and shook a lot. I asked him if he could do that again because it felt very nice.

He lay me down very gently and proceeded to lick my pussy very gently. I loved it. I was so very turned on by the fact that he was so turned on.

Shaking a lot, he stopped and went to find my knickers, but I asked him to do it again, please. This time, he sucked up my clitoris. Sucked on it like a baby on a tit. I was beside myself with absolute joy. I was experiencing my first full blown, incredible orgasm.

At nine years old I went to see my next door neighbour who had a player piano. I would peddle on the big blocks on the floor that made the piano play different songs. I turned around, and my piano playing neighbour had retrieved this big white dick in his hands pointing at me and asked me if I wanted to touch it. I said no because I did not know what to do with it.

Later I asked my girlfriend Gail what to do. She said I had to come and play with boys in her briquette shed on the weekend. The boys came and took their dicks out and asked us to touch them. None of us knew what to do. There was a lot of laughing and guarded contacts and then we all went home. 

Still unbelievably curious and knowing that the men knew more than the boys, I went back to play the player piano next door hoping he would get his dickie out again.

This time, he asked me to come and lay with him in his bedroom. I lay next to him as he struggled to expose his penis. Moreover, told me “ stroke it”, demonstrated all the while his big, white penis and told me to stroke and to hold it tight. To pull and push up and down. I enjoyed the power of making a grown man show weakness and felt myself getting wet with delight.

He said that he wanted to put his with mine and that I had to prepare myself for it for the next time I would come. He said for me to play with myself and showed me how. He wanted me to make my hole bigger for him.

I dutifully went home and every night under the covers after my mother kissed me goodnight I would put my fingers inside my little hole and try to make it bigger for the time when I would go to see him again.

bedtime kiss


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