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Fetishes, Right or Wrong?

I play at Erotica. I do not just talk about what you read in a book, I breathe it, I feel it in my bones,  know it when I think, and I know it intimately, erotica is a way of life, and it lives in me.

male fetish
I have met Men who look at me, and I know…..I know if they are sexually motivated. I know if they have sex on the brain. I have had men who want to dominate, those who want to be submissive. There are those that want to share their wives or girlfriends. I have walked on men’s backs with high heeled shoes while they groan with sexual delight. I have nursed a body builder who wanted his nappies changed and a bottle to suck on. I have tied men up with intricate knots who want to be left alone for hours lying naked in the dark. I have been a baby that was given a bath by a dirty Uncle, who touched me under the water. I have been symbolically whipped by a paraplegic until his hard on finally blew, and I have made love with a gay man who needed to prove he was still gay.
None of this is sinful. None of it hurts anybody. None of it causes pain, grief, or injustice.
Much of this is something called Sublimation. This means that instead of doing all sorts of law breaking stuff, people just need to live out their sexual fantasies with another consenting adult. The rules are simple. Stop means Stop!
The game is not much different to what we did when we were kids. 
We can dress up. Play Doctors and Nurses. Do “rude things to each other” all in the name of harmless fun.

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