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“Phases of Life from Birth to Death, Sexuality and Sexual Health”

Each one of us has had a beginning, some of us are at midlife while others are nearing the end. None of us has an indefinite lifetime, but we all experience similar stages (gender dependent) high and low lights, as we enter into old age.

We were all born as immature sexual beings, growing into toddlers and then boys and girls. From here we all entered ’Puberty.' Some of us far too soon, but most at approximately the same time, again gender dependent. However, how many of us truly recalls when, and what happened to us individually yet similarly to our friends? Many of our readers will be new parents and hope that we end up raising happy, healthy children. What are we to expect along the way as our child (children) starts those ‘difficult’ years – sad, emotional, argumentative, rambunctious teenage years? What were we like during those years, and do each of us recall what happened to each one of us? Most of us, know certain events related back to us by parents or friends, but not all that happened, for this was the unknown or misunderstood time! However, more to the point, what was happening to us at that point?

‘Puberty’ or some think of it as teenagehood. Hello, our HORMONES juiced up, and many changes were occurring, not all at once, however. Girls became, suddenly more attractive. Mysteriously so. Moreover, girls are starting to view boys as interesting and exciting. Both genders experiencing ‘nice feeling’ such as penis erections and the pleasurable feel, or a delightful wetness between the legs of girls and how different it is; from having a mishap before getting to the bathroom. Wispy hair growth in the pubic region - what came first; the hair or those sudden erections or wetness?

Here we will be starting our series on Sexuality and Sexual Health. What happens to male and female from this point onwards. Hormone surges for both the male and female as testosterone and estrogen levels rise and with becoming older, the gradual lowering of those same hormones. Where are the hormones responsible for our sexuality and eroticism coming from, and the fact the both genders – male and female require some of each other’s so-called sex identifying hormones. That man needs and makes estrogen as does a woman requires and produces testosterone, but why, where and how? Moreover, why do we each need one another’s hormones like as if balance act within our bodies, to allow us to have sex; let alone pleasurable sex and not just for procreation.

In each part, we will discuss in general terms various facets of both male and female sexuality and sexual health. As an example: Erectile Dysfunction for men or Low Sex Drive in women, and Sexual Dysphoria. As well as Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STI’s), and other facts.

*** At all times, please keep in mind, CONSULT A PERSONAL HEALTHCARE PROVIDER as the first port of call regarding whatever read on our website that is identifiable as a personal issue. Seek medical advice or referral to a Specialist doctor or Counsellor.***

PART ONE: From a Girl to a Woman, Boys to Men – ‘PUBERTY.’ 

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