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'Communication' Part 1.

Okay, what are we saying when the word ‘Communication’ is presented?

communicationn partner

On exploration of the dictionary, such explanations as:  

Message (Noun), Communique. Making an Announcement, or Statement. Write or receive a Letter, Email, and Fax or make or receive a Phone Call. These explanations are all quite technical/mechanical in concept, but what are we attempting to do?

In the more intimate way, we ‘Communicate’ by Contact or Interaction. We try to Transfer information or use Consultation to gather or disperse ideas. Alternatively, we desire to Exchange (ideas) as individuals one to one or a collective or group of others.

However, the question still arises, “how do we go about our day to day lives communicating”? Perhaps exploring an alternative concept that all of us communicate by without a thought as to what and how we utilise our most valuable resources.

As a norm, humans possess a multitude of SENSES ORGANS. Sight (eyes) and hearing (ears), taste (mouth and tongue) and smell (nose). Moreover, of course, Touch (hands/fingers, feet/toes and the biggest organ of the body – skin)! Traditionally, these are the five (5) recognised SENSES, all or some bombarded with constant stimuli and to which we respond as and when needed. Here isn’t the venue in which we plan to dissect biology of the human body and how each Sense sends messages to the brain, allowing our Senses to make cohesive (and hopefully) sensible choices and actions. 

Let’s take a brief look at each Sense, place it into a scenario and find out what might occur.

EYES – they are our ‘window to the world’ around us. Provided that we are lucky enough to possess sight, we use this sense from the moment that our day begins. Perhaps you turn in bed as you awaken to view the time or open your eyes and it is daylight! Moreover, thus, your day starts. Your sight guides every action from the time you open your eyes. So your day starts. Ablutions aside, you pick out your attire for the day. Again, your eyes do the hard work, and you make your selection(s) usually by how you are feeling, the weather forecast and purpose of dressing for the day. Your sense of sight has sent constant electrical signals to your brain, and the receptors of each synapse are always firing away relaying information to your brain as you consciously make any given choice. This simple start to your day has excited millions of times stimuli that emanate from your eyes and the responses back that have allowed you to get this far into your day. By the way, you are looking and feeling good, or at least, the writer hopes do!

As you read the above, nothing startling there! However, more than what appears has happened. The complexities of just sight have happened. Yes, the eyes opening to the sunshine or has it been to the harsh tone of an alarm set to a particular time, that has aroused you? Most of us rub our eyes in an attempt to ward off sleep. Here is another of our senses at work ‘TOUCH’. From now on in, sight and touch co-operate together.​​


Let’s look at the function of ‘TOUCH.' - A part of the greatest organ that each human being possesses, the body covering called SKIN. This particular sense is unique, in that we sense hot and cold, light feathery touch – imagine you or your partner’s fingers lightly and fleetingly running their fingers or hand over your arm or naked body. Your body shivers deliciously. You not only saw that touch with eyes wide open, but your brain reacted to allow THAT touch, to respond by way of a delicious shiver or shivers. We are all quite capable of altering the strength of our touch, feel pain as well as react to touch, be it pleasant or an unpleasant sensation.

So, you now have woken up and decided to have a shower. Just the way to start a day! Of course, showering requires a state of nakedness, so please have a quick look in the mirror and check for any unusual marks or changes in moles. Whether you step into the shower while the water is running, or do you prefer to walk in and then open the tap? Adjust the water temperature, spread your hands apart and let the warmth of the shower water be your guide as to the pleasurable temperature that best suits you. Whether you prefer to wash with a face washer, loofah or a cake of soap, matters not. However, each separate method produces a different sensation against your skin. Add to those above, a back scrubber and heaven await! Loofah, face washer or back scrubber each provides a particular roughness that (most people) thoroughly enjoy. A man enjoys especially washing/handling his penis and scrotum with soaped up hands. YES! It feels good, perhaps even worthy of having a personal ‘handjob’ to put a spring in his step! Well, why not! Nothing better than, starting the day in a happy frame of mind..... Women too can experience the different sensations that each separate personal washing item produces. Even shampooing your hair provides a stimulus to your scalp! Moreover, if you're feeling a tad inspired, that cake of soap does come in handy. Lather your hands and gently massage your breasts, run one hand down the other arm and note the feeling, and if you are feeling the same as that man, why not caress your genitalia. If your clitoris begins to harden from the motion of your hand/fingers why not let mother nature have her way, and enjoy! Surprising how wonderfully relaxed yet refreshed you feel. Yes, both males and females have your orgasm if that is how you feel!

After your shower (or bath), drying one’s body is a necessity. Whether your preference is with a soft or rough touch is an individual choice. Either way, that refreshed feeling is incredible! Males might shave in the shower or at the basin mirror. Splash on some aftershave (tingling feel eh?) or spray on a body freshener. Ladies, pat your more delicate skin or might you like to sense the rougher sensation of towel drying by way of the less time-consuming rub. Of course, put on your facial moisturiser and apply make-up. Women spend much longer than men bathing, “hurry up, aren’t you ready yet?” is commonly heard! Now both genders are willing to dress for the day. We have an idea what type of day is ahead, be it work or play. Moreover, thus, we dress accordingly and weather permitting. Just a reminder of what initially occurred. Yes, we had already decided exactly the outfit to wear, but thinking back, how did you go about it? Usually, women but less often men, like to check their wardrobes for suitable clothing. Look at your attire, what colour(s) would you prefer to wear? Dress or skirt, blouse and jacket? How does the material feel? A silky blouse or a suitable Tshirt, coordinating colour of course! Men are luckier in some respects. For the professional, a suit, shirt and tie. Tie choice seems to be the hardest to make, brush or comb the hair and well, off you go. As for the real worker, the usual work wear is just casual and easily washed. Generally speaking, though, women are more time-conscious and careful with their make-up and hairdo. Women (at times) subconsciously dress to please a man, usually their partner but, do enjoy the complimentary “morning” at the workplace. Here we must point out that Sexual Harassment in the Workplace is another ‘NO GO’ area. Okay, now that you both have had your breakfast and morning coffee/tea, out you go. Moreover, oh, enjoy your day!

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