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Circumcision “ Right or Bad”?


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“ Right or Bad”? 

By our Contributor John

The world today demands that human rights of a child just born can have the selection to be circumcised or not. We, as a modern society, say that a clear idea of parents is to elect to do their child once born.

Religion and ethnicity call for boys be circumcised in Judaism, in Christian Society, but am unsure of Muslims choosing to have their male child done. The dilemma from this is whether a boy growing up with an uncircumcised penis, although never traumatised by the so-called act of being circumcised, may be psychologically inhibited to be open about showing himself off to a girlfriend or partner even be embarrassed by mixing with others who may be circumcised or uncircumcised.

Young women may or may not accept this into their lives and sexual experiences thus these young men may have never gained experiences while growing up and having sexual activity.

One growing up in the early 1950’s may have had late circumcision due to Migrants unacceptance of the small operation often done in Public hospitals.

Judaism says eight days after birth. Indigenous Australians do it at the age of 7.

Some boys in the 1950’s may not have been circumcised until after 18 months, nearly two years of age in the Western world, where some of the sensitivities of the penis were torn off not necessarily cut off.

Some late circumcisions due to health problems through the head of the penis not being able to pass through the sheath could have a young man bound in a rag for up to two weeks until the healing process was over. If they were ‘cut’ when they were very young, they would not have had to suffer stress and pain in later years.

The chance of STD’s and Sterility compromised?

There are three types of Pensis’. The ‘Helmet’, which is fully circumcised, the ‘Streamline’, which has the knob (glans) poking through the sheath but still uncircumcised, and the ‘Full Rag’, which looks like the end of a  balloon tied off at the end of the penis head.

What do women prefer?

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In the past 15 to twenty years, health professionals no longer advise circumcisions. It is thought to be unhealthy and unnecessary a surgical procedure that is unwarranted on a newborn male baby. However, if especially the father has been raised in a household full of circumcised males, and has seen 'cut' penises around him, the tendency to follow in previous footsteps is strong.
From a pure 'attractive' perspective, certainly a circumcised penis does appear more pleasing to the eye.
And for daily washing reasons, it is unnecessary to pull back the foreskin to cleanse underneath. Uncircumcised males' however, must do so, to clean away the scum that builds up (as a lubricant) each day.



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