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Q&A SandyN9191 Audio Version.

Erotica Q&A!?!

Q&A Erotica

Dear Erotica 201616,

I am a 25-year-old male and have a semi- regular partner.

If you could answer my question, I would be relieved.

“Is it normal to be ‘sex hungry.' almost every day”?

I sometimes feel as if I might have a disorder or something might be wrong with me.



Erotica Answers

Dear SandyN1991,

Congratulations Sandy, you are an average, healthy male!

From puberty into old age, the average man has sexual thoughts at least once per day. The younger you are, the more often the thoughts occur, From fantasies to actively seeking sexual gratification.

It has all to do with the hormone you and others would undoubtedly identify with: Testosterone!

This may seem unbelievable to females, but testosterone plays a huge role in the sex lives of women as well.

In fact, as it is such an interesting subject on its own, I will be writing on the role of Testosterone within the Sexual Health of BOTH men AND women in an upcoming Article, and published on our Blog page, so look out for it!

In the meantime Sandy, you have nothing to be concerned about, if your sexual thoughts do not interfere with normal daily activities, such as work, or everyday social engagements, you do not have anything to be fear.

Moreover, just by the by, in the course of a typical working day, if someone accidently brushes your ear, for instance, this male give a sudden rush by way of a sexual thought! Alternatively, even what is known as a ‘reflex.'* erection that will subside accordingly, as you maybe working away busily. However, you may notice it, and possibly (and, I hope not, feel shame or confusion). The ear(s), penis and nipples or neck areas ( as well as the full length of one’s arms for some people), are known as an erotica region of one’s body and one of several that males and females have. This is called eroticism.

*REFLEX ERECTION; Occurs when there is DIRECT PHYSICAL contact to one OF the EROTIC areas (as described above). A Reflex Erection is INVOLUNTARY and may occur WITHOUT SEXUAL or STIMULATING thoughts.


Peta Moore.

Erotica 201616

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