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“Ssssh........ we are talking about sex”! Erotica Club Special Needs and Sexual Health;

Hi and welcome! We are a cohort of like-minded, experienced individuals coming together to share views on some unspoken subjects, some often regarded as "taboo". Yes, we are discussing sex, the wheres and hows of communication, that baby comes into this world already as an immature sexual being, are the disabled still capable of a sexually active life, never mind even the thought of wanting to think about sex! How do erotica and eroticism fit into the scheme of things and general discussion on sexual health?

Welcome to Erotica’s Blog: Sexual Health

Puberty 2

“Phases of Life from Birth to Death, Sexuality and Sexual Health”
Each one of us has had a beginning, some of us are at midlife while others are nearing the end. None of us has an indefinite lifetime, but we all experience similar stages (gender dependent) high and low lights, as we enter into old age.
We were all born as immature sexual beings, growing into toddlers and then boys and girls. From here we all entered ’Puberty.' Some of us far too soon, but most at approximately the same time, again gender dependent. However, how many of us truly recalls when, and what happened to us individually yet similarly to our friends? Many of our readers will be new parents and hope that we end up raising happy, healthy children. What are we to expect along the way as our child (children) starts those ‘difficult’ years – sad, emotional, argumentative, rambunctious teenage years? What were we like during those years, and do each of us recall what happened to each one of us? Most of us, know certain events related back to us by parents or friends, but not all that happened, for this was the unknown or misunderstood time! However, more to the point, what was happening to us at that point? Read more by clicking here.




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Sex After Surgery ; Our Forum

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Had surgery of some description? your health care provider is happy with your progress, and you are going home. Great, but you have been thinking more and more about some form of sexual activity with your partner. Read up on one person's experiences after major surgery. Available to read on the blog of Home // Erotica Club. It will bring a smile to your face : Click Here.

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For Changizi, we don’t have instincts for art and other ‘stimulus artefacts’ like music, language and design. These are inventions of civilisation; but crucially, they persist in (and possibly define) our species because they have been shaped to fit the preferences of our ancient brains. This is ‘nature harnessing’: the process wherein aspects of our culture mimic nature ‘so as to harness evolutionarily ancient brain mechanisms for a new purpose’. Speech, for instance, mimics the sound structures of the environment in which we evolved; alphabet letters, at the deep, unconscious processing level of our brains, resemble the contour combinations characteristic of our natural habitat. Music, arguably the pinnacle of artistic expression, is structured according to the sounds of people moving; we respond with emotion, and movement of our own.  

Indeed, says Changizi, the highly evocative aspects of our culture most likely can be traced to the most powerful natural source of all our woe and joy, that which on our prosperity depends: other humans. Herein lies his hypothesis for art: that it exists not because we have an instinct for it, but because it responds to—harnesses—our instinct to engage with other people.


Mark Changizi is an American evolutionary neurobiologist and cognitive scientist, and author of The Vision Revolution (2009) and Harnessed (2011).

Sphinx, 2012, Patricia Piccinini – © Patricia Piccinini, courtesy of the artist and Tolarno and Roslyn Oxley9 Galleries


 Although the word “No” is just two letters long, yet, it is the hardest of words that children and adults of either gender are capable of saying.

However, “NO!” means just that.

Each person has the right to refuse and thus receive respect. “NO” is a personal position that indicates self-respect and a validation of a choice.


For example ‘Children and Sex’ will be an honest look at the sexual issues facing young children. For some parents, this subject is brutally honest to explore and more. The reality that, ‘sexuality’ comes at the birth of a child! Yes, we are all born as sexual beings. However, the rational nagging urge to play ‘doctors and nurses’ or horror upon horrors, to actual seek out a ‘fuck’  doesn’t raise its’ “ugly” head until much later in a child’s life. Moreover, thus we sigh and say “there but for the Grace of God go I”....


‘Bisexuality, and the Search for Personal Identity.'

Are we all to live our lives as heterosexuals? Alternatively, somewhere in the course of our lives, we make the discovery that an attractive, same gender person arouses emotional and physically feelings. Of course, it is okay to try to dismiss these initial sensations, especially if initiated in a family unit that has fundamental beliefs. The question then arises: “Are you able to live in the closet?” What emotional distress is tolerable? Do friends think that somehow you are maybe  ‘queer’?

Of interest too, is 'Infidelity', and the issues that arise for both men and women that entice both genders to 'play around' within a socially acceptable, committed relationship. This relationship between (either a heterosexual OR gay/lesbian couple), is threatened by a third party. It may only be an issue that is primarily just a matter of fact that one party has found a person of the opposite/same gender and finds that he or she is emotionally craving just the right person for intellectually stimulating conversation. Conversely, and more importantly, the scenario maybe the need for an "illicit" sexual encounter for excitement and thrill of the chase - to 'taste' and experiment with different sexual positions for intercourse. Either way, or importantly, one partner, like the menu of the restaurant, has become a ‘taster’ and thus not just browsing the list, and staying strictly on a diet! We intend to have a couple of males write their views on Infidelity or “fucking around.”

 Tough as it may be, “fucking about” is a part of our society morals. However, the fact is, couples do grow apart from each other, either consciously or unconsciously. Many reasons exist for the husband or wife to move towards another sexual partner. We will discuss this further and in more detail.

A forgotten group of our society is people who have disabilities. Sexuality and Relationships between the physically challenged person and possibly the person's Carer are neither identified as a major issue nor discussed as a part of ‘existence’ for either party. We maybe the parent(s) of a physically challenged child or the partner, and totally focused on the possible (perceived) loss or never experienced burgeoning of individual's sexuality due to a lifetime of care needed and the physical demands placed upon the Carer.

The above is not the only intended commentary we intend to explore, and more importantly, just the tip of the iceberg!


"Sometimes the questions are complicated but, the answers are simple" Dr Seuss......

On a Housekeeping note, this website is proudly respectful of the diversity of our society morals, and we are aware that there will be different opinions expressed here. All we request is that input (if you have any questions or comments) is honest and not abusive.

Abuse of any kind is unacceptable and unproductive, as we are keen for this forum to be lively and engaging with a cross section of society. 

Regards, and we look forward to any comments!

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